America’s Safest Sheet Earns Prestigious Award for Innovation In Skin Health

Safe Haven Linens™ Earns 2nd Place in 2018 Awards for Skin in Muscle Health in Skincare Category.

Safe Haven Linens™ announced today that it was named the 2nd place in the Skincare category for the 2018 Awards for Excellence in Skin and Muscle Health. named Safe Haven Linens™ as “America’s Safest Sheet,” due to its patented technology and silver-infused technology.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious award for our Safe Haven Linens™,” expressed CEO Steve Hutcherson. Safe Haven Linens™ is changing the future in linens and bedding with their “smart,” self-sanitizing textiles. The bed sheets are made with 100% polyester and constructed with a proprietary active “silver lining” defending germs naturally while never washing out. Both copper, a natural anti-fungal, and silver, a natural antimicrobial are infused into the fiber to help protect against bacteria, such as the one that causes acne. Bed sheets that can help protect against skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and other bacteria-borne conditions.

“We are committed to supporting preventive health with Safe Haven Linens™, and hope to provide more products for the home, as well as take this proprietary technology into hospital systems,” said Tedd Smith, President of Beacon Linens. “This award recognizes the need for innovation in healthcare.”

Safe Haven Linens™ are sold online and will be available with several top retailers in the United States soon.

About Beacon Linens, Safe Haven Linens™ Parent Company

Experienced textile-manufacturing professionals founded Beacon Linens in 2013, reviving the Beacon brand, which dates back to 1904. For both home use and health care, including hospitals and long-term care, Beacon’s modern fabric constructions are designed for comfort, durability, environmental safety, and consumer health. The company’s patented Safe Haven™ brand of bed linens are self-sanitizing, incorporating a protective barrier that actively kills germs, molds, fungi and other bacteria known to cause harmful infections and skin conditions. For more information or to purchase: