PRESS RELEASE: Beacon Linens, developers of patent pending antimicrobial bed linens and blankets, is pleased to announce that its Beacon Pocket™

ASHEVILLE –July 24, 2017. Beacon Linens, developers of patent-pending antimicrobial bed linens and blankets, is pleased to announce that its Beacon Pocket™, a unique flex-cornering feature of its fitted sheets, has been issued a US Patent (July 19, 2017).

Said Steve Hutcherson, Beacon’s CEO, “Fitted sheets came into existence in the early 1900s and the number one consumer complaint has never changed: ‘the sheet won’t stay on the bed.’ Based on ‘real life’ testing across several nationwide sheet programs, our Beacon Pocket™ completely solves the problem, allowing us to confidently guarantee the fit. We’re proud that our design proved worthy of a U.S. patent, but not surprised, as we haven’t seen anything like it –ever.”

King, queen, double and other “standard” sized mattresses all vary in length, width and depth. This is one of the ways that manufacturers continue to differentiate. The lack of uniformity is no different in commercial markets. For example, in health care, the size variance has forced hospitals and long-term care facilities to compromise and choose less comfortable, less durable, knitted sheeting fabrics, simply because they stretch.

Added Tedd Smith, Beacon’s president, “We’ve raised the bar in a product category that hasn’t seen a lot of innovation. When you combine our newly patented sheet constructions with our patent-pending Safe Haven™ self-sanitizing bed linens, the improvements are meaningful. Our product benefits now span fit, comfort, environmental safety, and potential health benefits.”

About Beacon Linens
Experienced textile-manufacturing professionals founded Beacon Linens in 2013, reviving the Beacon brand, which dates back to 1904. For both home use and health care, including hospitals and long-term care, Beacon’s modern fabric constructions are designed for comfort, durability, environmental safety, and consumer health. The company’s patent-pending Safe Haven™ brand of bed linens are self-sanitizing, incorporating a protective barrier that actively kills germs, molds, fungi and other bacteria known to cause harmful infections and skin conditions. For more information: www.