Experienced textile-manufacturing professionals founded Beacon Linens (Beacon) in 2013, reviving the Beacon brand, which dates back to 1904. With over 100 combined years in bedding textiles, the company’s principals benefit from generational relationships with numerous U.S. manufacturing concerns, as well as, lower cost foreign sources.

PurThread is a Raleigh, NC-based technology-company that has developed a proprietary process for infusing silver salts at the molten stage of polyester. Its patented process uses a special formulation of EPA registered silver salts from Kodak in a manufacturing process that results in a permanent antimicrobial fiber/yarn used to make textiles. The company was established in 2009.

Beacon Linens is PurThread’s exclusive, go-to-market partner for bed linens in the United States.


Beacon fabrics are self-sanitizing. Unlike other textiles promoted as antimicrobial, the protective properties of our linens never wash out or leach. In fact, the protective performance of our linens is as powerful the day they’re retired as the first day they’re put into use. They are “always on,” actively killing microbes, bacteria, molds, and fungi. Whether in storage or in transport, where contamination issues are proven to occur, Beacon changes the game surrounding how linens are managed.

As said, the antimicrobial properties of our fabrics are achieved by adding EPA-registered silver at the molten stage of polyester (i.e. prior to the fibers being extruded; prior to them being spun into fiber/yarn and woven into various fabrics). That means the antimicrobial properties are intrinsic to our linens, a fact that plainly distinguishes them from other textiles claiming to offer similar benefits. Competitive options use baths, dips, coatings, and sprays to impart protection, so their performance quickly degrades – washing out in the laundry.