Beacon Buzz - aka Testimonials

- Marc Barnett, MD - Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon


Every Five Star Hotel Should Be Using These Sheets

"I wanted you to see how nicely they fit and tell you that they are of a quality that every 5 star hotel should be using them.  It has been a week now that we have been using them.  We love them.

The other thing I wanted you to know was and is that with the quality of the sheets and the antibacterial properties, especially during and after Covid-19, that hotels and cruise ships should be very interested in purchasing these.  What a great selling point, quality and health."

-Rick, Maine

It has helped my eczema

"Really enjoying our Safe Haven Linens™ sheets. It has helped my eczema a lot! I haven’t had a serious outbreak since we have been sleeping on these sheets! Thank you for making this product!"

- E.S., North Carolina 

Keeping our son safe and healthy

"When we found out our son would need chemotherapy to treat a mass near his brain, we wanted to do everything we could to keep him safe and healthy. A friend referred us to Beacon Lines Safe Haven sheet sets. Once we read how these linens would help protect our son and kill germs we knew we had to give them a try. We were truly surprised to see how comfortable and durable the sheets were. Even when his siblings are getting sick with colds, sore throats, etc. he is avoiding illness. We are very happy with this product and will be buying all of our kids Safe Haven sheets for their beds. 

- Ken K.

The skin on his head has never looked so good

"A friend of mine has a little boy who has constant MRCA breakouts on his head. He would get a breakout about every weeks which, of course, would have to be treated with antibiotics which he hated. I gave her a set of your Beacon Safe Haven pillowcases. He has only had one breakout because he went to the beach for a week and forgot his pillowcase! The skin on his head has never looked so good and my friend is so grateful. She would like to take his pillowcase to his doctor."

- Sammantha B.

Do I think it's working? Yes!!

"I have an adult friend who suffers terribly with acne. She got a Beacon Safe Haven pillowcase. Since using it she said, 'I love that pillow slip. I wash it once a week and it is holding up good! I have acne rosacea, but I haven't noticed any redness in a long time. I do get spots, but they have not turned into the puss acne that requires me to take antibiotics.' Do I think it's working? Yes!!"


I have never seen my skin this clear... Amazing!

"I am a critical care nurse with nearly 2 decades of experience. Colloidal silver cream has been used in patients for decades to prevent infection in open wound such as burns. So I knew that silver could defeat bacteria. I did not know how well Safe Haven products were going to work for me. 

At 48 years old, I have struggled with acne all of my life. The sad but unexaggerated truth is that I have almost never had clear skin. Believe me, I've tried everything out there. 

I have been sleeping on Beacon Safe Haven pillowcases for 20 nights. I have not had one new acne break out. Not one. I have never seen my skin this clear for this many days in a row. 

It really is a thrilling feeling to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and see clear skin consistently. Amazing!

I am recommending this product to everyone I know." 

- Laurel Y

My foot cramps went away.

"I never dreamed these results were possible. Nightime leg/foot cramps and tingling are something I've had to live with for more than a decade. I had heard great things about these sheets. But none had specifically addressed foot and leg cramps or the tingling that comes from neuropathy. 

We purchased a set. I began to sleep all throughout the night without cramps! The tingling is greatly diminished. 

Recently, we spent a week away. We slept on regular sheets. Before the week was out I was waking up due to foot cramps. When we got back home to these sheets my cramps went away. My plan is to sleep on Safe Haven sheets every night from now on." 


Sheets are nice to sleep on.

"I have found that I can not get a tight fit when making the bed. My mattress does require deep pocket sheet, but not this deep. The sheets are nice to sleep on, but unless you have an extremely thick mattress, I would not recommend. Five stars for comfort and 0 stars for fit."


The deep pockets are awesome.

"These sheets are great. We have sets for the whole family. As soon as my oldest daughter laid down in her newly made bed she didn't want to get up and said this is so comfortable. The deep pockets are awesome and keep the sheets in place. These are well worth the price as I have spent more on super high thread count sheets but they didn't feel as good as these and they didn't have the antimicrobial fiber either. Thanks for creating a great product."


Glad we paid a little extra for such a quality product.

"We recently purchased these sheets for our two young children's beds. The sheets are beautiful, soft, and well made. Knowing the self sanitize when we sleep helps our family stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season. My children have mattresses of different thickness and the sheets fit perfectly on both beds. Glad we paid a little extra for such a quality product!"


They have made a huge improvement on my skin.

"I have had a set of these sheets for over a year and they are by far my favorite. They are extremely soft and have made a huge improvement to my skin. If you're not already sleeping on these sheets, you're missing out! Glad to see additional colors and a discounted price on QVC, I ordered 3 sets of pillow cases today to go with my existing sheets."


They provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

"These feel great! And knowing the provide long lasting antimicrobial protection is HUGE! We have used the pillowcased for many months and have sent out kids off with them. so glad they now have sheets. thank you."


They are the softest, most comfortable sheets I have ever had.

"All of my bamboo, luxury hotel, Egypten Cotten, and other sheets may as well go to charity. THESE sheets are the only ones I want to have on my beds. They are the softest, most comfortable sheets I've ever had. I wash them, and put them right back on the bed. The deep pockets keep them from slipping. I used to get sick a couple times a year, but since I started sleeping on these sheets, I've felt great every day, and my skin feels softer. I cannot say enough about this product! Unbelievable soft, durable, no piling or breakdown with numerous washes, AND Anti-microbial!!!!"


Antimicrobial properties are important for clean sheets for my college son.

"I purchased these for my college student son. They are soft and stay tucked after the bed is made. The antimicrobial properties are so important and add a new meaning to clean sheets!"

-Robin TX

Helped our 14-year-old son with acne.

"Our son is 14 years old in the midst of acne stage. His mom tried several different face wash treatments, but he still had quite a bit of acne, not serious, but enough to notice. He started using the pillowcase early in the week. His mom leaves very early for work. Saturday our son came downstairs and his mom said, "My goodness, look at his face!" It wasn't completely clear, but is was much improved! Now he goes to the laundry room to find his washed pillowcase. He is at the age when boys and girls notice each other!"

-Kelly W

Within 2 weeks NO shingles!.

"I contracted shingles this spring. There was severe burning and itching from the lower center of my stomach to the center of my back on the left side. The pain was most severe at night when I was horizontal. Sleep in bed was impossible. In a couple of days, I found that I could get some sleep sitting/lying in my recliner chair, but not much. I was about 10 days into this situation when I got the Beacon Safe Haven product. The pain and itching dissipated and soon as gone. Within about 2 weeks, NO shingles! This amazing material should be a deterrent to many skin conditions."

-Rod H

Ideal for skin irritations. 

"Beacon Safe Haven products would be ideal for patients with bedsores, psoriasis, eczema, external shingles rash, and other skin irritations."

-These are additional thoughts from dermatologist Dr. David Cogburn 

I believe in your product. 

"I had a massive case of shingles. One week after using Beacon Safe Haven products, I never got any blistering and the redness began to disappear. I believe in your product! Thank you."

-Gail S

The sheets stay put.

"Our test resident with sheets is major league impressed. He told me he would buy them even if we did not. He said when he turns over, the sheet does not go with him, but rather he slides under them and they stay put."

-RJ Assisted Living Long Term Care

They keep our skin irritations at bay.

"We bought our 2nd set of sheets. They work beautifully, keeping our skin irritations at bay. They keep falling clean and so comfortable! My husband has immune system issues and now the only linens he will sleep on is PurThread Antimicrobial Sheets by Beacon!"

-Donna H

Breast cancer survivor who used to support immune health. 

"I have been one of the millions who has had breast cancer. After researching everything that would aid in beating this awful disease, I became aware of Beacon Linens Safe Haven sheets with PurThread. These sheets have given me the assurance that I am doing everything in my power to ward off bacteria during treatment when my immune system is low. They also give me confidence that I am continuing the war I have with cancer. I have become dependent upon using these sheets to fight any bacteria in the peace of mind for my whole family. It is apparent that Purthread works because I have not even had a cold or flu since continued usage."

-Martha T 

Helps with my adult acne. 

"Growing up, I had perfect skin, never had to deal with acne or breakouts... then came my twenties and I became pregnant with my first child. My skin had no idea what to do with the hormonal change. Over the next 20 years, I would begin to battle adult acne. I tried anything and everything and would periodically get things under control. About a year ago, I again went through another hormonal change, only this time no matter what I tried, nothing worked. I tried Proactive, Clinique and anything on the internet that said it would work, only to again be disappointed and extremely frustrated. It was during one of the worst episodes ever that I learned about a pillowcase that had antimicrobial features that included a "silver technology" developed by Beacon Linens using Purthread. I don't know how to express what I felt and saw...within the first week my skin started to calm down, the redness was starting to decrease, by the second week, the active breakouts stopped. Within a month, my skin would tingle vs when I slept on other cases it would not, I knew something was happening. Today, I still use that pillowcase, and once again, I have normal skin. I no longer need to pile on the makeup. I go to the gym with no makeup on (trust me that is something I couldn't have done before). I can't say why or how, only for me, this was a life changer, and I will continue to use the "Beacon Lines Safe Haven" pillowcase. I am not using anything fancy on my skin today. I stopped everything! I was my face with a gentle, over the counter soap, and I use lotion along with my pillowcase, and that's it! I tend to always use this fabric and keep my life simple because my skin is loving it, and for that, I am truly thankful!"

-Tracy P

No more rash.

"I wanted to thank your company for making amazing sheets with silver. They are the best. 

At 54, my husband came down with rashes all over his body that we thought was a bad case of poison ivy. After a month of treating his rashes with everything over the counter, we were at wit's end. Now considered an open wound, our family doctor prescribed antibiotics and a steroid shot. 

We found a dermatologist who finally diagnosed my husband's problem as severe eczema. With combined medications, we finally got eczema under some control. 

When I discovered the sheets with silver, I immediately remembered my husband had a foot problem and the podiatrist called in a prescription for silver sulfadiazine that worked wonders. 

I was delighted that his eczema stayed the same and did not get worse. We continued the Dermatologist's prescriptions and over two or three months, the eczema began to recede. I decided to test out the silver sheets by using an old set of cotton sheets that were so soft they had become our favorites. The next night, I couldn't believe it. The rashes were back, in the same spots. His face was starting to show the eczema in his hair. I threw away my old sheets. I am thrilled that these sheets are now available. What a find! Thank you for your belief that alternative methods do work wonders."

-Annie M

Wonderful quality and the fabric is smooth and comfortable.

"I wanted to let you know how much I love your Beacon Linens Sheets! They are the finest sheets, no matter the price, that I have ever slept on, seriously! I bought 2 sets and wish I had bought more as they have disappeared from the retailer they were purchased from. I have donated my other linens to the needy and can't wait until I get the new Beacon sheets in. Thank you so much for making this wonderful quality sheets and they are the best fitting as well, they stay on snugly and the fabric is so smooth and comfortable!" 



- M. David Cobgurn, MD, FAAD - Board Certified Dermatologist